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  • Car Title Loans and Auto Pawn

    Car Cash Loans is a friendly and understanding local lender. We’ll loan you the most money possible for the value of your car, truck or motor vehicle. Clients choose Car Cash Loans because:

    ● We’ll loan you between $500 to $50,000 (or even more) based on the value of your car — and the process only takes minutes!
    ● No credit check!
    ● Quick and easy documentation that takes only minutes!
    ● Flexible re-payment schedules tailored to fit your situation and needs!
    ● Get thousands of dollars in cash today in just minutes. No waiting for days, weeks, or a month!
    ● We have more than 30 car title loan locations throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California.
    ● No gimmicks, no hidden fees, just straight shooting and fast cash!

    Call us at (800) 988-5020 and we’ll tell you how much you can borrow against your car, truck, motorcycle, RV or other motor vehicle. You can even start the process of securing your vehicle title loans online by filling in your name and e-mail address above. When you contact us, we’ll send you to one of our locations to sign paperwork and pick up the check for your pink slip loan.

  • Car Title Loan or Auto Pawn: Which is Best?

    A car title loan has different requirements than an auto pawn. The amount borrowed can also differ. Which is best for you?

  • Car Cash Loans on TV
    • The Most Cash
    • Fast, Easy Loan
    • Flexible Payments
    • No Hassle
    • Experienced agents get the most
    • value from your vehicle, whether
    • through title loans or an auto
    • pawn.
    • You can have a check in hand in
    • as little as an hour once you and
    • your car are in the door at
    • Car Cash Loans.
    • We work with you to set up a
    • payment schedule, making
    • repayment of your vehicle loan
    • or auto pawn easy.
    • We understand the pressures of a
    • cash emergency and have respectful
    • agents conveniently located across
    • SoCal.